The wines
A vision

Champagne Boizel’s wines are the fruit of a constant quest for a balance between depth and precision. The wines undergo long periods of ageing in the coolness of the Boizel cellars to enable them to reveal their true potential. Each wine has its own unique personality and reflects the incredible diversity of the terroirs of Champagne which have been magnified by the hand of man. Boizel Champagnes are created with the utmost respect for the environment. Each stage of the creation process combines precision and high standards with the intuition and sensitivity of those who bring them to life, to the delight of Champagne lovers around the world.

The wines - Champagne Boizel - Epernay France

The essential

The most sincere expression of the Champagne terroirs
The wines - Champagne Boizel - Epernay France

The exceptional

The unique personality of hand-crafted Champagnes
The wines - Champagne Boizel - Epernay France

Joyau de France

Quintessence of the Boizel know how, a perfect balance

Tresor Collection

The Trésor Boizel holds the oldest vintages of the House, including a few bottles from the mythical 1834. Some of these rare wines are now available to amateurs and collectors through the Trésor Collection, in limited quantities. They are disgorged a few months before leaving the cellar, after having developed their aromas during these long years in the semi-darkness and freshness of the Trésor cellar. Today, Maison Boizel presents two iconic vintages from the Trésor Collection: 1985 and 1990.

The Boizel by

Champagne Boizel has opened its doors to female artists from all over the world for twenty years. Through unique collaborations, these creators were given carte blanche to imagine a design of their own styles for one of the Boizel wines.