Champagne Boizel
Ratafia Nouvelle Vague

A modern and unique interpretation of the Champagne tradition

Ratafia Nouvelle Vague - Champagne Boizel - Epernay France
  • 70% Meunier
  • 30% Chardonnay

Vinification in oak barrels
Matured 24 months in old barrels
Bottle-aged for 12 months in cellars.


Ratafia Nouvelle Vague (RNV) is a blend of two-thirds Meunier and one-third Chardonnay from the 2020 harvest. Produced using Boizel’s traditional methods, this wine is made by blending the grape must after pressing with Fine de Champagne (a neutral spirit) to stop fermentation and preserve the grapes’ natural sugars.

Produced in very limited quantities, RNV is writing a new chapter for Boizel: with 24 months maturing in old oak barrels followed by 12 months of cellar ageing, this wine develops a natural fruitiness that encapsulates the House’s free spirit.


RNV is amber in colour with slight coppery glints.

The nose is generous and fruit-driven. Notes of candied fruits including grapes, prunes and cherries are complemented by aromas of orange peel, cocoa and almond.

The texture is smooth and silky on the palate. Notes of morello cherry and prune come to the forefront.

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Food & wine pairing

Ratafia Nouvelle Vague is a wine for convivial occasions and is magnificent served at the end of a meal. It’s just as enjoyable with light desserts such as fruit salad as it is with more chocolaty flavours. The wine also goes very well with a platter of blue cheeses such as Gorgonzola or Roquefort.