Champagne Boizel
Champagne Boizel - Taille de la vigne

Vine cycle – Dormancy

In the Maison Boizel vineyard, as elsewhere in Champagne, the winter season is synonymous with dormancy for the vine. This period of vegetative rest begins as soon as the leaves fall and is called senescence. During this process, the sap joins the root system and no longer circulates in the aerial parts of the plant.

However, although the vine is left to rest, it is still maintained. Indeed, since the vine is a liana, it is in its nature to expand as much as possible using intensive wood production. However, neglected vines produce a lot of wood but also few grapes, often of very modest size and incomplete maturity.

As Maison Boizel is keen to ensure that its grapes and vines grow in the best possible conditions, every effort is made to control the plant material using judicious and reasoned pruning in order to give the plant vigour and vitality.