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Blending – Unity is strength

Within our House, the very idea of blending is born in our vineyards. Indeed, depending on the plot of land considered, the characteristics of the musts will reveal themselves differently according to the age of the vines, the grape varieties, the growing techniques, the soil, or the climatic conditions. Thus, each vintage will have its specificity that we will try to enhance.

In practice, this primordial stage in the winemaking process begins in January. The Boizel family gathers to meticulously taste each sample of clear wine kept separately and resulting from the alcoholic fermentation of the musts from the last harvest. To do this, we use our sensory abilities to appreciate the personality of the different vintages at our disposal, which leads us to rediscover them year after year and to deal with what nature gives us. As we are keen to combine tradition and modernity, we pay particular attention to enriching our experiments through the exchange of views between several generations. Our objective is to make the most of the best of our terroirs thanks to the experience that each of us brings to the table. After many trials and dialogues, we can form a very precise idea of the proportions to be respected in order to achieve the perfect harmony that will express the spirit of the Maison Boizel.

Following these tastings, the first blends take place in the winery. We complete the current year’s wines with a certain proportion of reserve wines in order to bring even more structure to our future champagnes and to ensure the permanence of the House’s signature. These old wines, which we have carefully preserved in tuns or in airtight vats, come from previous harvests. In the specific case of a harvest that we consider to have exceptional qualities, we decide to blend only wines from that same year. In this way, we obtain a vintage wine like our Grand Vintage 2012. Another special feature is our single-vineyard wines. Our particularly fine and elegant Blanc de Blancs is made only from Chardonnay. Similarly, we make our Blanc de Noirs using only Pinot Noir.

In short, our vision of blending is a perfect illustration of a famous saying: unity is strength.