Champagne Boizel
AVIZE - Champagne Boizel - Epernay France


Among the historic Champagne vineyards, Avize holds a special place. The birthplace of part of the Boizel family – there is documentary evidence of Boizel winegrowers, of an ancestor who was a countryside warden and even of a hatter – the village is emblematic of the Côte des Blancs. Facing East, planted only to Chardonnay grapes, the chalky soil emerging all along the hillsides is clearly visible. Classified as a Grand Cru, it produces wines that are distinctively mineral, and has been home to some of the House’s long-standing grape suppliers for several generations. An ancient spring, cascading from the slopes above Avize, in the heart of the best crus of the Champagne region, has made this part of the vineyard a paradise for tree frogs (rainettes in French). There are records of this in the ancient land registry, with place names such as “Chanteraines”; a plot of land called “Les Pisseraines” belonging to Boizel also pays homage to the croaking and aquatic habits of these frogs.

Water is not only essential to life, having a spring near a plot is an undeniable asset for the vineyard… and for the local fauna!