Champagne Boizel
Zéro Dosage

Light and complex, the ultimate expression of a great Champagne.

Champagne Boizel Ultime Zéro Dosage
  • 50% Pinot noir
  • 37% Chardonnay
  • 13% Meunier

40% reserve wines
Aged 6 years on lees


Produced only in years in which the grapes reach the very highest levels of maturity, this undosed brut Champagne is skilfully blended to reveal the full richness and character of the three grape varieties. No dosage is used to gvie the wine greater roundness at the end of the crafting process; all attention is focused on obtaining a very pure and subtle harmony. Ultime Zéro Dosage remains in the cellar for longer than average, allowing the wine to mature slowly and perfectly.


A brilliant straw gold in colour, with ribbons of fine, lively bubbles. The nose is very subtle, intense and complex, and fully developed. Delicate aromas of vineyard peaches, white flowers and lightly toasted almonds mingle with more acidic notes. On the palate, the wine is pure and ample, with good density. Its freshness is pronounced, and its maturity is confirmed with sweet flavours of gingerbread and fruit compote. The finish is long, clean and harmonious.

Champagne Boizel Ultime Zéro Dosage

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Food & wine pairing

Ultime Zéro Dosage complements seafood to perfection. It offers subtle harmonies with Japanese cuisine and raw fish. Connoisseurs also enjoy it simply as an aperitif.