Champagne Boizel
Champagne Boizel by Antik Batik

Christmas 2021 – Champagne Boizel & Antik Batik Invite You on a Journey

The ‘Boizel by Antik Batik’ cuvée, designed by Gabriella Cortese from Antik Batik for Champagne Boizel, comes along with gentle and delicate colours.

Every year since Evelyne Boizel put the idea forward in 2000, Champagne Boizel has given carte blanche to female designers to create a cuvée for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. More than twenty years later, this tradition still continues today.

The 2021 edition of the ‘Boizel By’ cuvée was designed by Gabriella Cortese, who founded the ready-to-wear and fashion accessories brand Antik Batik in 1992 and has been its designer ever since. Born in Italy, Gabriella is a tireless traveller who regards Paris as her second home and found inspiration in far-off countries for her garment collections, which are instrumental in Antik Batik’s success with their bohemian and sophisticated style. Drivenby her fascination for traditional know-how and crafting techniques, Gabriella opened up workshops in India, Indonesia, and Peru, where she devotes herself to values that she cherishes such as craftmanship, genuineness and humanity. Antik Batik’s trademark includes smooth cotton fabrics, batik printing, paisley motifs, fine lacework, and cotton or sequin embroideries.

Gabriella’s boutique in Paris offers a delicate setting and is located in the heart of Le Marais district, which is only a stone’s throw from Place des Vosges. Gabriella Cortese and Champagne Boizel naturally combined their visions around common principles:

  • Craftsmanship: Antik Batik’s use of traditional weaving and dyeing techniques mirrors human skills and sensitivity in the same way as Champagne Boizel’s winemaking and blending styles do.
  • Environmental awareness: Antik Batik’s ethical commitment chimes in with the fundamental respect for nature at Champagne Boizel, whose vineyards are certified HEV 3 (High Environmental Value).
  • Spirit of innovation: since the beginning, freedom in creation has been expressed at Antik Batik much like at Champagne Boizel, that was one of the very first Champagne Houses to make Blanc de Blancs in 1920 and opened the doors of Atelier 1834, which offers cellar tours and tasting workshops to the guests.

’I love the idea of working together with such a wonderful Champagne House. For both of us, craftsmanship and know-how are the cornerstones of our creations’, pointed out Gabriella Cortese with delight. ‘I very much like Antik Batik’s spirit, which blends in together values that are dear to us such as inspiring journeys, audacity, and freedom’, said Florent Roques-Boizel, Chief Executive Officer at Champagne Boizel.

Gabriella’s creation reflects these common approaches. In order to design the 2021 edition of the ‘Boizel by’ cuvée, she opted for an Annie printed cotton veil, the brand’s signature, which is her favorite pattern, and for instance covers all of the boudoir of her showroom. The gift box, front label, neck label, and scarf that wraps around the precious bottle all display paisley arabesques twirling around. Just as Champagne Boizel, this print reflects traditional crafting techniques: as early as the 18th century, paisley fabrics would be imported from Indian trading posts. Their predominantly red colour, to which Gabriella pays tribute to, was due to the dyeing plant called dyer’s madder.

This gift box highlights the Blanc de Blancs cuvée, which was created over a century ago and still meets a great success. This Champagne is made from Chardonnay only, which originates from the best terroirs situated in the Côte des Blancs. Its pale gold colour, floral nose, very delicate bubbles, and subtle finesse perfectly match up together with Gabriella’s creation: ‘Bubbles and paisley perfectly pair up for a party!’, enthusiastically said Gabriella.