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With great courage and tenacity, this sporting couple revitalized boizel and invented the slogan, "avec boizel, la vie est belle " (“with boizel, life is beautiful”).

René & Erica

1945: René Boizel took over the company which had been rocked by the crisis of 1929 and the Second World War. This great sportsman was a born fighter. Supported at all times by his Dutch wife, Erica, he straightened the bar with as much courage as determination. He devoted the first years to the difficult task of rebuilding the stocks, vital for the company’s sustainability.






He then commited himself to the reconquest of new markets, which fit the spirit of the Company.  So it was that Ledoyen, Potel & Chabot, le Café de Paris, as well as the Plazza, Scribe and George V hotels became part of Boizel’s prestigious clientele.  With tireless work and dedication, René and Erica also successfully grew sales in Europe – Belgium, the Netherlands, West Germany…

1950:  the House regained its luster and played the stars, with loyal customers such as Florence Gould, a famous patron of the arts and literature for several decades, who used to serve only Boizel on her yacht because, according to her, “it holds the sea well”.  Other stars included Alfred Hitchcock, a great fan of Boizel Champagne, and Prince Ali Khan, who ordered cases of Boizel Rosé by dozens. His wife Rita Hayworth adored Champagne: she even shot a short film entitled “Champagne Safari “!



1955: Marcel Carré was appointed cellar master. A remarkable man, who used to recount with humor that in 1922, at the age of 14, he accidentally entered “Maison Boizel” because he had mistaken the address: he was to work there for 51 years until his retirement in 1973.



1961: René created Boizel’s first cuvée spéciale: “Joyau de France” (Jewel of France) , in one of the century’s greatest vintage year. The choice of grapes expresses the power and the extreme finesse of the great Champagne Pinot Noirs, underpinned by the delicacy and minerality of the best Chardonnays from the Côte des Blancs, “Le Chardonnay souligne, Le Pinot Noir signe” (“the Chardonnay underlines, the Pinot Noir signs”). His children, Eric and Evelyne, nicknamed the wine vault, the “Trésor”: the cuvée spéciale is its Jewel! 



1972: the tragic deaths of René and his son Eric who had wanted to join the family business in his turn, meant that Erica had to courageously take up the company reins. Her daughter, Evelyne and son-in-law, Christopher, returned to Champagne to help her, training themselves in the business with the invaluable assistance of the cellar master, Marcel Carré.