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With enthousiasm and determination, they choose to give up their jobs and devote themselves to the company: champagne is a true family passion!

Evelyne & Christophe

They picked up the torch together: their training and professions led them to other places and different directions but Champagne is a passion!  Boizel gained new momentum, which fitted perfectly with the times and provoked increasing curiosity and interest from the media.  In 1976 and 1977, Boizel became the official Champagne of the F2 and F3 championships in Italy.





1984: Boizel’s 150th anniversary. On this occasion, Evelyne summed up the spirit of Boizel as: “A Family, a House, a Tradition”. These were not just idle words, they reflected the authenticity and the commitment of five generations. Following the acquisition of a beautiful property on the prestigious “Avenue de Champagne” in Epernay (the sparnacian Champs-Elysées), a new vat room was the first to be installed there, and soon followed the entire company.



1990: Evelyne and Christophe in their turn created great Champagnes: they elaborated the first “Cuvée sous Bois,” a cuvée fully vinified in old barrels using traditional methods from the early twentieth century “to allow Champagne lovers to discover the character of Champagnes of the past.”

They enriched the “Joyau de France collection” with “ Joyau de Chardonnay 1989” and  “Joyau de France Rosé 2000, the first prestige vintage Rosé. .

1992: ITV, the British television channel, choosed Boizel for its “Vive la Difference” program, very popular in the UK at the time. The target was to show the British public through a “24 hour life swap” some women’s lives in different European countries. The Duchess of Roxburghe came to Epernay and did experienced a whole day of Evelyne’s many activities.



1994: Evelyne and Christophe decided to join the small group created by Bruno Paillard and Philippe Baijot, now become Lanson-BCC, second in Champagne: a true adventure that enabled to promote the harmonious development of Boizel while preserving both the spirit of excellence and the Boizel family tradition.



Each year, Evelyne confers the creation of the Christmas gift box to a “woman of style” (Vanessa Seward, India Madhavi, Pascale Mussard, etc) These original “collectors’ items sublimate one of Boizel cuvee with  panache, sensitivity and sometimes …with humour.



2009: 175th anniversary celebrations: these were an opportunity for Evelyne to collect memories and anecdotes about the five generations who have made Boizel what it is today: the book, “Champagne Boizel, une histoire de famille” (..a family story), is dedicated to all lovers of Boizel Champagne around the world. It is thanks to them that this story exists and continues today. 



And the sixth generation is now actively involved: Florent and Lionel have joined the Company. Taking advantage of their previous experience abroad or in France, they are proud to contribute in their turn to the elaboration of the champagnes and to the worldwide reputation of Boizel.