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Mundus Vini 2015 – Two Gold Medals

Friday 6 March 2015


For the 16th Grand International Wine Awards MUNDUS VINI 2015 the Boizel House was rewarded with two gold medals!


2015 Mundus Vini



This year the Grand International Wine Awards MUNDUS VINI 2015 took place in Neustadt, Germany. The jury was composed of 145 professionals from 24 countries who tasted wine from the entire world.


This jury has rewarded both Joyau de France 2000 and Blanc de Blancs with Gold medals. The Boizel House is very proud of these awards, sign of the exceptional quality of its Champagnes.







The “GOLD” award of the Great MUNDUS VINI International Wine Awards :

At least 90 points must be achieved in the judging of the wines by the international jury. Only the wines achieving the highest number of points in this range will receive the gold medal. This means that the minimum number of points required for this award may be higher.