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Deep in our cellars, thanks to a secret alchemy, our Champagnes slowly mature
and develop their full personality…


Giving each elaboration stage the necessary time for natural evolution, giving each wine the appropriate number of years in the cellar essential to reach its full potential, and meticulously choosing the dates for the release of wines onto the market, are a rare luxury; it is one of the family traditions to which the Boizels are the most deeply committed and one that they apply with expertise.

This notion of time is a decisive factor in the quality of the Champagnes and comes into play as soon as the grapes are selected and vinified. The still wines produced from the best grapes, in particular the Grands and Premiers Crus, require a lot of time to open up (and the cuvées will have a better capacity to age). Subsequently, in the vats, the temperature is kept low so that alcoholic fermentation takes place very slowly so that the freshness and the delicacy of the flavours are protected.

Similarly, during the prise de mousse (secondary fermentation): after the tirage (bottling) following the required blend proportions and the addition of yeasts and sugar, the bottles are taken down into the cellars where a cool year-round temperature of 10°C ensures a very slow secondary fermentation in the bottle, over six to eight weeks. This extended period results in a very fine mousse and the total preservation of the wines’ flavours.

Finally there is the long maturing stage in the cellars. Experience has shown that wines age better on the lees and so this is how they are stored, horizontally, in quietness and darkness. This period is essential for them to gain the finesse, character and elegance that make great Champagnes. The rules for the Appellation require fifteen months but at Boizel, where traditions are upheld, the wines are kept for at least three to four years in the cellar before being dispatched to customers all over the world.

The specific blends for vintages require even more time: their flavours do not become truly refined and reach their full potential for five to ten years, and sometimes even longer. The Boizel family always make sure that they wait for the moment when Champagnes cuvées  begin to reveal their complexity, their generosity  and the wonderful smoothness that is so appreciated by connoisseurs.

Similarly, after dosage, Boizel insists on a resting period of a few months: this is the price of excellence.