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Due to the chalky subsoil and the local climate, the grapes develop a unique character
essential to the elaboration of Champagne...


This is one of the paradoxes of Champagne: vines planted on hillsides in poor, chalky soil and subsoil, exposed to a northern climate with alternating oceanic and continental influences, produce here high quality grapes remarkable for their outstanding finesse. Their delicate aromatic potential and superb freshness are perfectly suited to the elaboration of great Champagnes.

Three key elements -climate, sub-soil and hilly terrain- combine in a unique alliance, but the diversity of nature creates endless variations, all of which influence the character of future wines.

Hence the importance for Boizel of an intimate knowledge of each hillside, of each village (and nearly each grower!)… in order to select the finest quality grapes. All through the year they tour the Côte des Blancs with its beautiful Chardonnays (Avize, Chouilly, Oger, Vertus, etc), the Montagne de Reims, land of the great Pinot Noirs (Ay, Mareuil sur Ay, Tauxieres, Mailly-Champagne etc.), the Vallée de la Marne with the ultimate expression of Pinot Meunier (Venteuil, Passy-Grigny , Vendieres…) and also the best villages for Pinot Noir in the Aube (Les Riceys).

The vines are meticulously maintained and managed in accordance with “sustainable viticulture” practices, with a view to embracing a more environmentally friendly approach.  The harvests take place approximately one hundred days after flowering (45 days after the setting of the fruit) and are entirely manual in order to avoid any damage to the grapes. For the same reason, the grapes are pressed immediately in the village nearest the vineyards. For the Pinot Noir and Meunier, there is no maceration, so that a “white” juice is obtained: the pulp of these black grapes is quite clear , in fact it is just like Chardonnay.

In Champagne, the juices obtained on pressing are separated into “cuvée” and “taille”. Only the cuvée, which represents the purest, finest quality juice, from the heart of the grape, is used for Boizel’s cuvées.